Teacher's lesson plan

The future of our planet will have the biggest impact on our generation but unfortunately, it seems at though we do not have a voice to speak out on the decisions that are currently being made about our future.


Therefore, This Is Our Future was created for us to speak out and give our opinion on the matter. As members of this generation, we want to encourage other members to speak out and show their opinion as well.


We believe that the first step in accomplishing this is educating people on the problem. Thus, this teacher’s guide was created for teachers to educate children, teenagers, and young adults on global warming and climate change–teaching them about its causes and effects, and what they can do to make a change. Accordingly, the lesson in this teacher’s guide doesn’t only inspire and educate the students but also allows them to make use of their analytical tools and abilities of research. 

Teachers guide 4 lessons: plan and powerpoint
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Teacher's guide 1 lesson: plan and powerpoint
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