Broad explanation


Global warming has been a problem since the industrial revolution, which started in about 1760. Global warming is the continuous rise in warming of the earth’s surface due to the increased level of greenhouse gases in the environment. These gases contain carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane and ozone. The sun heats the earth, and most of the sunrays are reflected back into space. The greenhouse gasses absorb the thermal radiation, which is why the earth is warm enough for living organisms. However, due to the burning of fossil fuels the concentration of greenhouses gasses is rapidly increasing. Due to this more thermal radiation is trapped and it keeps warming the planet. 


Trump is not hiding the fact that he believes global warming is not important. On the Hugh Hewitt's radio show, Donald Trump said that he is not a believer in man-made global warming. "It could be warming, and it’s going to start to cool at some point." In addition to that, one of the points that Trump emphasised is that "he wants to get rid of the Paris agreement". This would obviously be a disaster.


We are a group of students from the Alfrink College, a school in the Netherlands.

The future of our planet will have the biggest impact on our generation but unfortunately, it seems at though we do not have a voice to speak out on the decisions that are currently being made about our future.

We are not granted voting rights and our willingness to express our views and opinions on certain issues are being suppressed by the perpetuated mentality that what we have to say, will not be taken into account. We are silenced, simply due to the fear that we will not be taken seriously.

Given the current situation, it is from upmost importance that we raise our voices as one to show the world and Donald Trump our utter disapproval of the plans that he has announced concerning the Paris Climate Agreement. 



 As members of this generation, we want to encourage other members to speak out and show their disapproval as well. We are the future and we will not let president Donald Trump obliterate our future, and the future of many other generations to come.